TheByke Hospitality Ltd.

  1. What do they do?
  2. What was the original name?
  3. Is it a vegetarian or otherwise?
  4. Where are they?
  5. In which category it is listed?
  6. What is the capital and reserve?latest.
  7. How much is the current assets and current liability?
  8. Is it worth buying the shares of this?
  9. 2018 high 123 Rs. low 99.Rs. Face value Rs.10
  10. ref: see money control, economic times.

RMKV and you

    1. Why is it named RMKV?
    2. Where was it started?
    3. When was it started?
    4. What are their specialities?
    5. Do they employ women weavers?
    6. Where are their shops?
    7. When did you last visit them?
    8. Where are they in Coimbatore?



Every question carries 10 marks.

You will have  20 tests.

You get  a price, and you will like it very much.

The marking and the price are all left and decision of the quiz master is final.

No enquiry or comment will be accepted.

Your entering the contest is not compulsory,it is completely left to your discretion.

If you are willing and ready please send in your details only your gmail address with name and cell number to

The first test starts on 20th Sept. 2018.

Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.


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