Rao’s Exhibition World.

Suggestions.1.A large area to be selected for conducting all kinds of Exhibitions.2.useful for all students from class 6th onwards and for all professional and engineering students.3. For all housewives,ladies and gentlemen.4. To create awareness in a permanent manner.5.to conduct photographic exhibitions relating to the important topics of interest to all.6.Special transport facilities and conveniences to be made available.7. Special catering and accommodation facilities for those from other places.8.Special arrangements for the Manufacturers,Distributors to display their products on a permanent basis and also to book orders on the spot.9.The Exhibition is to be open on all days throughout the year. 10.Those desirous of joining  may send in your suggestions ,opinions to raobusinesspromotions@gmail.com.   11..Blessings and best wishes for a Bright Future.

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