Please guide and get paid.

  • If you know how to earn extra income  by blogging ,by not giving only guidance, but taking by the hand and showing step by step make the new entrants to earn money you will be appreciated and will receive thanks.
  • Not just asking front end fee in many disguises  to fill up your tills.
  • You can expect a royalty from their income. Or  percentage.
  • Making videos for personal advt. will not solve the anxious to make some money as passive income.
  • A turnkey project will bring in better results
  • .So and so has made this money  will not satisfy the yearning enthusiastic people.
  • Buy a domain ,buy a hosting start using niche, Seo etc all good but where is the practical down to earth solution.
  • The proof of the cake is in eating really the cake and enjoying.
  • How to make money as passive income as a lecture,video may be all good but where is the practical solution.
  • Wish we get a Good Samaritan plus Service minded gentleman or lady who can really show the learners to make real money of their own.

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